Another Iguana Challenge success! Lance Russell finished our 6 lb. burrito, beans, rice and 24 oz draft beer with nine minutes to spare. Congratulations Lance!
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Nice Try Paul!

We had another challenger this weekend! The towel was thrown in with 6 minutes & 10 seconds left on the clock. Thanks for trying Paul!
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The guacamole was awesome

The guacamole was awesome. The chili was really good too. The fish tacos were good but the shrimp tacos were just okay. I think it was because they used the same sauce and filling on the fish as they did on the shrimp. With such different tastes/textures the shrimp needed something different. The place was…
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Sure was fun trying!

Joaquin took the challenge but was unable to finish our six pound asada burrito with rice and beans and a 24 oz. draft beer within 30 minutes. Sure was fun trying though!
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